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Brand Partnerships: How they work…with Stylist Zack Clarke and Moroccanoil

We caught up with one of our favourite up-and-coming Bridal Stylists and Influencers, Zack Clarke. He tells us about his amazing opportunity with global brand Moroccanoil and gives us his tips on getting noticed by your dream brands.

The background:

Moroccanoil and the MOTroops program

“Moroccanoil has always strived to create a platform to educate and inspire, which is why we are reached out to Zack Clarke to be part of our stylist micro-influencer program. Zack was flown to NYC to experience the NY Academy and our education offerings firsthand. Part of the program entails receiving a preview of our new launches a month ahead of the official launch date and having content created for us to share not only on our social platforms but also with our trade partners. His love and commitment to the brand is what truly makes this a mutually benefitting partnership. Our MOTroops, as we like to call them, allow us to stay connected to the stylist community as we learn through them how best we can support and innovate!”

Nathalie Garcia, Digital Education Manager, Moroccanoil

The Interview: Zack Clarke

Q: Tell us about yourself…

My name is Zack, I’m 23 years old and I’m a hairstylist from Newfoundland, Canada. I’ve been in the industry for almost 4 years. When I’m not styling hair or creating content for Instagram, you can catch me binging a Netflix series, sipping on an iced coffee, taking selfies, or trying new food.

Q: How did you get into Hairstyling?

I always knew hairstyling was the career for me. When other kids wanted to play sports, I wanted to braid hair. After completing high school, I went to university. I didn’t even finish the first month and I knew it wasn’t for me. It didn’t make me feel happy. It didn’t make me feel like I would be successful or serving a purpose in people’s lives. After a month I had applied to start hair school in the upcoming winter semester.

Q: When did you know you had a special talent for Updos?

Updos were actually something I struggled with in school at first. I never saw it as being my passion like it is today. I remember I did an updo (it wasn’t great at all) and my teacher had aggressively ripped it out and redone it and showed me how to get the look I was trying to create. I knew it wasn’t something I was great at, so I practiced to perfect it and fell in love along the way. I guess you could say I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today if she didn’t believe in me by lightning a fire under my ass!
I also loved the idea that there is no stress when it comes to styling. It’s not like a cut or color where it’s challenging to fix. If you don’t like it, you just unpin it and try again.

Q: Why did you specialise in Bridal Styling?

I started my first job when I was still in school assisting at weddings. I instantly fell in love with the energy at weddings. Not only the mimosas and croissants - but the love, happiness, and all the good vibes that fill the room when the bridal party is getting ready. The early mornings are totally worth it. It wasn’t long until I had inquiries of people wanting to book me for their bridal parties.

Q: What’s it like to be your own boss?

I actually don’t have my own business, I’m still at the salon I started at when I was in school. I do cuts and colors during the week & wedding parties on the weekends.
I’m thankful for where I’m at I’m my career. Right now I wouldn’t change a thing. I truly believe it couldn’t be possible without the support of my boss - She took me under her wing while I was still in school, showed me the ropes, and let me grow along the way by letting me go after every opportunity I could to be successful. Find someone who will support you, lift you up when you’re down, and not hold you back.

Q: What are your future goals and aspirations?

I definitely see myself diving into education more. Online and in person workshops to share my love for the wedding hair industry. It’s something that so many stylists struggle with so I’d love to be able to help other stylists realize it really isn’t complicated. I also hope to focus on only wedding styling, with a team of trained stylists.

Q: Tell us about your role with Moroccanoil…

Moroccanoil reached out to me on Instagram to be a part of the #MoTroop. I was so excited as I’ve loved the brand for so long. Like come on, the packaging, the smell, and of course the amazing products - what’s not to love?
To be in the #MOTroop is essentially to be a cheerleader for Moroccanoil. We create content for all the new product launches.

Q: How has your opportunity with Moroccanoil benefited you?

I feel like it’s been really helpful for me in multiple ways. Exploring new products and education has helped me grow as a stylist. It’s also helped me grow as a content creator so much. I was always interested in doing tutorials but this opportunity really pushed me to do more of them because it is my role.

Q: What was it like to visit Moroccanoil’s head office?

The visit to head office was amazing. During this they taught us about social media and creating content which was also very helpful.
It was great to learn more about social media and how to use it because it can be so complex these days if you’re trying to grow a following and get noticed by brands or get reposted. Everyone uses social media these days to promote and share their work. You’re really a small fish in a big ocean so it’s great to have the education.
My future with Moroccanoil? I hope to eventually level up in the company, educate with them and continue to spread the Moroccanoil love.

Q: Do you have any tips for Stylists who want to get noticed by brands?

When it comes to getting noticed by brands my biggest tip is to find a brand you love. If you don’t truly love the products AND the brand as a whole, it just won’t happen. Find a brand that fits your aesthetic. Are you into funky braids, blondes, bridal hair? Bright colors or a neutral color pallet? Scroll through their social media and see if what the brand reposts is your type of work. When you’ve found a brand, do your research. This could be seeing the type/quality of work they repost on their feed, or seeing if the brand has a hashtag. It could also be finding an email or finding out who is behind the brand. Don’t be afraid to message the brand and ask them to check out your work. Brands get tagged in like 1000 posts a day so try to stand out and get noticed. Speaking of standing out, create content that’s eye catching and try to be original. Brands don’t want to repost the same low messy bun - they want to share new exciting content.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone starting out in this industry?

It’s definitely a challenging industry to be in. You really have to love what you do. My advice for anyone starting in the industry would be not to compare yourself to others. I’m so guilty of it. With social media being as big as it is it’s so easy to look at people and think to yourself you aren’t good enough or doing enough. We are constantly looking at successful people online wondering why we aren’t.
There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it’s their time

We just love Zack! Check him out at @zackclarkee


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