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3 Reasons to choose dried flowers for your wedding day hair accessory

Dried flower hair accessories are totally tending now! Here's why...

1) They're Long-Lasting

Picture this: Your dress is on. Your bridesmaids are ready. You're about to step out the door and head off to walk down the isle. You take one final look in the mirror and your gorgeous fresh flower headpiece is wilting already! Not a good look. This scene can be avoided by picking an equally beautiful dried flower hair accessory. It will certainly last all day and can even be preserved as a keepsake!

2) You Can Get Them In Advance

When you have a check list a mile long and all the worries that go with it, ordering your hair accessory can naturally get pushed to the bottom. If you're opting for a floral headpiece, it's tempting to ask your florist to create something that you'll see on the morning of your wedding when your flowers arrive. But do you know you'll be happy with it? Will it fit easily with your hairstyle? You can save yourself any last-minute upsets by having your dried flower accessory turn up in advance.

3) You Can Create A Truly Natural Look Using Your Favourite Flowers All Year Round

While there are many high-quality faux flowers available now, if you desire a truly natural vibe for your wedding theme, only the real thing can cut it. And, there are countless talented florists who can advise you on the most durable seasonal stems, but if you have your heart set on something that is out of season, what can you do? Choosing dried flowers for your bridal hair accessory means you can be 100% natural and have 100% what you want all year round. Sounds like a win-win!

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