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Tips from Knoxville Bridal Hair…Wedding-Ready Hair: How to prepare

Most brides have been given advice on how to keep their hair in the best condition: Have regular trims, keep up with your roots, don’t over-process your ends. Now your colour looks great, the length is perfect and it feels so healthy. But how do you prepare your hair for your actual wedding day appointment? Christi Piontkowski, founder of Knoxville Bridal Hair, has the best tips for wedding day hair prep perfection.

Christi’s tips:

Curly Hair

Q: My hair is curly but I want to wear it more wavy on my wedding day. How do I prepare it?

A: “If your hair is naturally curly and you do not want to wear your natural curl…it must be blown out smooth prior…A professional blow out will leave your hair smooth and shiny.” Quote from Christi.

* Discuss this with your Stylist so you can allow extra time for this service.

Long Hair

Q: I want my hair as long as possible for my wedding day but the ends aren’t the best. What should I do?

A: “Long hair is gorgeous but if those ends are thin and weak looking please get a trim. A style is only as beautiful as the canvas we are given to work on.” Quote from Christi.

Fine Hair

Q: My hair is so thin and flat. What can I do to make it look fuller?

A: “If you have super fine, slick hair, use a volumizing mousse and make sure to blow dry your hair rather than let it air dry. Depending on how slick and long the hair is, it will need all the help it can get to hold the style.” Quote from Christi.

*Discuss this with your Stylist so you can allow extra time for this service.

Washing My Hair

Q: Should I wash my hair on the day or will it hold better if it’s unwashed?

A: “Please have clean, completely dry hair…we have products now that add grip and texture.” Quote from Christi.

*If your Stylist is not blow drying your hair and is only styling it, having your hair washed and dry before your appointment is a must!


Q: Cheap or expensive hair extensions: What’s the difference?

A: “Cheap hair extensions work for filler in an updo at times but when you really want length or volume in a braid, half-up or all down style, it is worth the investment to get quality hair extensions.” Quote from Christi.

Thanks so much Christi! You can check out her amazing work, along with more tips and hair tricks at


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