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want to create a 6 figure bridal business?

Meet Gina Ludwig, the Founder of Hair Comes the Bride and Hair Comes the Bride PRO. We talk with the Bridal Business whiz about her background, her company, and how she supports other budding bridal entrepreneurs. Check out our interview below and click the link at the end for your FREE business strategy call with Gina!

Gina's Journey...

"I started my career as a licensed cosmetologist in 1994. I enjoyed all aspects of hair styling but found that I had a particular talent and passion for special occasion styling. Just a few years later in 1996, my son was born prematurely and while I still wanted (and needed) to continue working, I couldn't imagine leaving my tiny new baby to go back to the salon full time. It's then that I decided to follow my love of special occasion styling and makeup and starting Hair Comes the Bride.

At that time, the industry wasn't what it is today and I had to educate people on what a Bridal Stylist was. The business quickly grew but there were lots of roadblocks along the way. I knew nothing about business and was pretty much winging it most of the time. I knew that I would need to educate myself if I was ever going to have any chance of being successful. It was then that I discovered my NEW!

I threw myself into studying and learning any and every aspect of running a successful business and it paid off! Hair Comes the Bride quickly grew into a full blown agency with offices across the US servicing over 500 weddings a year. Eventually, I began to have others come to me asking for my advice and I began doing some business consulting on the side.

Around 10 years ago, I made the decision to stop offering hair and makeup services at Hair Comes the Bride to focus on our growing accessory line and the business coaching. When Covid hit and my business slowed considerably (like most everyone), I decided to use that time to finally expand on the consulting and coaching business that I loved so much and I created Hair Comes the Bride PRO. While I still oversee and am involved in all aspects of the accessory side of the business, my main focus is now on the development and expansion of Hair Comes the Bride PRO.

I am proud to say that in just over a year, we have over 800 members and we continue to quickly grow. I credit this to the fact that there is not a lot of support out there that focuses specifically on the Bridal beauty industry and the unique needs of bridal beauty business owners. Throughout my journey (particularly in the early years) I can't tell you how many countless hours and sleepless nights I spent trying to figure everything out on my own and nothing makes me happier than being able to help others succeed and NOT have to endure those same countless hours of stress and sleepless nights!"

The elements of Gina's business...

"Hair Comes the Bride offers a selection of handmade bridal hair accessories. In contrast to what constitutes the majority of accessories out there, all of our pieces are handmade in the US and use only the finest quality components available including Swarovski crystals, "Diamond Set" CZ Rhinestones and authentic freshwater pearls. We also offer a unique "Try Then Buy" program where a bride can borrow three hair pieces to try at her hair trial with no obligation to buy. The program has been incredibly popular with brides AND Bridal Stylists who love having the option of having hair accessories available to enhance their hair trials WITHOUT having to invest in their own inventory. Hair Comes the Bride also has a "find a stylist" feature which allows Brides to enter their location and find a Stylist in their area. A full page listing is included in our "Partner" and "Entrepreneur" memberships."

"Hair Comes the Bride PRO is a unique space that provides all of the education, resources and tools necessary to start, run and grow a successful Bridal beauty business. Our business education library includes videos on every subject of running and growing a business. We also have a library of downloadable material that includes valuable reports and checklists as well as templates to help you save time including social media post and story templates, rate sheet templates, contract templates and more. The platform also includes our "Bridal Beauty Business Bootcamp" which is a detailed, comprehensive guide that walks you step-by-step through every area of starting, running and growing a successful Bridal beauty agency. The course includes all of the knowledge, expertise and insight that I gained building a 500k a year bridal beauty agency."

Gina's NEW education platform...

"Our new education platform and "Artist" Membership consists of bridal hair tutorials including our "SET METHOD" approach to styling which is a logical and systematic approach that allows stylists to more easily break down and create hairstyles.

We have purposefully taken on a "back to basics" approach to styling because, while we think it's fun to learn trendy new techniques, we think that it's more important to provide Stylists with a method of styling that will enable them to create a variety of different styles using a handful of quick, simple and reliable techniques. Also, because we know that it is almost impossible to know by looking at a photo exactly how a style was created AND because there is more than one way (or technique) that can be used to recreate a style, our platform also serves as a handy reference guide. A Stylist simply needs to find the style online that most closely resembles the style they are trying to recreate and use that technique.

We have also created a full detailed tutorial for each style PLUS a shorter condensed version which is perfect for quick on-the-job reference. We are just getting started and don't have every style online YET but we will be adding at least one new tutorial a week and once the basics are covered we will be moving on to more advanced and "trendy" techniques.

The simple, unique nature of the platform makes it perfect for anyone who is just starting out or who is already an experienced Stylist who wants to learn a new approach to styling to add to their already knowledgeable skill set."

How can you get involved?

"Our platform includes 4 Membership options each specifically designed to meet a Stylist where they are at in their career:

Artist Membership

If You Currently Do Bridal Hair in a Salon or For Yourself OR You Would Like to Learn AND...

You find it hard to keep up with so many "trendy" new techniques!

You have ever found yourself losing control in the middle of styling hair!

You would like to learn a systematic, easy way to approach styling hair!

Owner Membership

If You Have a New Bridal Beauty Business OR You Are Looking To Start One AND...

You are ready to start or grow your business but aren't sure where to begin.

You don't have a lot of (or any) business experience and want to learn.

You want to learn on your own and at your own pace.

Partner Membership

If You Have an Established Bridal Beauty Business That You Are Looking to Grow AND...

You're serious about growing your business but need a little guidance!

You want to create more visibility and online presence for your business!

You could use an experienced and objective outside opinion!

Entrepreneur Membership

You Want to Double Your Business (Or More) Within the Next Year AND...

You want to create more time and freedom in your life!

You are ready to make the time and commitment to do whatever it takes!

You want a 100% money back guarantee to double your business in the next year!"

Gina's success stories...

Hair Comes the Bride is proud to have been featured in several TV shows and publications including: People, US, InStyle, Bravo, TLC and Oxygen (just to name a few). Gina is also a Member of Style Me Pretty Contributors Network and on the board of directors of the Bridal Beauty Association

Here are some testimonials from a few of Gina's Members:

“Working with Gina one on one has been a game changer. There is no way that I could have seen such a transformation in my business without her. I’m booking more weddings than ever and I can only attribute that to being a premium Member, having access to her monthly business videos and of course working one on one with her. Plus as a premium Member, I also received a premium listing for a fraction of other competitors as well as a selection of beautiful hair accessories. Do yourself a favor and become a Partner Member. You'll be glad you did!” Ashley Cruz, Eiffel Beaute

"Working with Gina has not only been inspiring as an Artist, it has been supportive, and all around educational as a business owner. The hairpieces are amazing quality and The Try Then Buy program is genius in my opinion! Gina has been very quick to reply to any questions or requests I've had, and is so sweet & genuine. So far, I have loved my time as a professional with HCTB!" Gina Kay, True Beauty Marks LLC

"Working with Gina for the past 7 years has brought so much growth and a wealth of knowledge to our business. With her creative ideas and advice alongside the effortless wholesale hair accessory program, the continued support is priceless. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Gina, take the opportunity and watch your career explode!" Ashley Riddle, UpDos For I Dos

"Gina brings a practical, down to earth, no bullshit approach to her business coaching. She has a wealth of knowledge in the bridal space, from high level business strategy, to the down and dirty day to day practices. She is a great listener and truly wants to help your business succeed, keeping it authentic to you, but adding in her expertise to help it thrive and avoid pitfalls. She gives guidance in an empowering way without telling you what to do - she was able to help me through some difficult challenges, giving me the tools to make the right decisions for my business. I now consider Gina a personal friend that I can count on to have my back as I continue growing my business." Victoria Nino Vanity Belle

"I am thoroughly enjoying the incredibly valuable education that Hair Comes the Bride Pro is providing me. I know how much time, energy and passion goes into your company, your affiliates and your videos and I appreciate it so much. I've been listening to the business bootcamp videos and can not believe how detailed information you have provided! I've been using so much of your info and tips in my system building and my business plan. Thank you so much Gina!" Mindy Tidwell, Bows & Arrow Hair

"I have been part of Hair Comes the Bride's Affiliate program for a few years now and I can honestly say it has been such an amazing tool for me as a business owner in many ways. It allows me to continuously educate myself on the up and coming trends within the beauty bridal industry, to offer amazing quality products to my clients with reasonable pricing and with amazing customer service as well as benefit financially through these referrals, which is truly just the cherry on top." Kathryn Horen, Bay Area Beautiful

"I have had an incredible experience with Hair Comes the Bride. The hairpieces are BEAUTIFUL and the business knowledge I have gained in a short amount of time is incredible. The training has definitely got my wheels turning to better serve my brides and grow as a business owner! Gina is always there to answer questions and always with a quick response! I am so excited and thankful to be an affiliate with Hair Comes the Bride and set a standard for the bridal industry." Katlin Crumbley, Bridal Beauty by Katlin

Want more information and a FREE Business Strategy Session with Gina?

Click Here for Membership information. And Click Here to book your FREE 30 Minute Business Strategy Session!

What's next for Gina?

"The last year and dealing with Covid and the effect it had on my business was certainly challenging but I am grateful that it allowed me the time to finally follow my true passion which is helping others to reach their goals and create a better life for themselves! My goal is to continue to grow the Hair Comes the Bride PRO platform to become the "go-to" resources for every Bridal Stylist and company! We will continue to expand on the beauty and business education as well as eventually add new resources including bridal makeup education, bridal beauty job postings and in-person workshops and seminars. We are just getting started!"

Thank you so much Gina! If you don't already, you can follow her on Instagram haircomesthebridepro


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