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The Importance of Testimonials with Olga Markuse

Many modern brides find their hair and makeup inspiration on social media platforms. It’s becoming increasingly common for brides to find their Stylists this way. But how do we get to know the person behind the photos? This is where Testimonials come in. Reading about the great experiences other brides have had puts us at ease and gives us confidence in the overall service. Olga Markuse shares some lovely testimonials with her prospective brides, telling them about herself through the words of others.

Olga is a Bridal Hairstylist and Makeup Artist working in the Hampshire area (UK) and has clear objectives when it comes to creating Bridal styles:

My vision of a perfect bridal look consists of four Cs. It must be:
Custom-made to suit your personal style, reflect your individuality and compliment the dress and total look.
Chic, making you look and feel glorious.
Comfortable and long lasting – it should stay in place all day to make you feel confident and relaxed.
Contemporary and timeless, reflecting modern bohemian vibes and forever classics to ensure that you will love it on the day and many years later looking through your wedding photo album.
I put all my skills, energy and enthusiasm to achieve these goals while carefully listening to your ideas.Quote by Olga Markuse

On her website Olga has a Testimonials page dedicated to many happy brides. This reassures brides-to-be and attests to the fact that Olga brings her perfect bridal vision to life every time. Here’s just one example:

Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

To see more of Olga’s work, please visit


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