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take your time back! bridal business dos and don'ts to help you stay on track

Are you spending countless hours on your business and still not achieving your goals? It might be time for a mindset reset. Here are some helpful tips to focus your energy in the right places...


chase "likes" and "follows"

On Instagram, it's so tempting to run after likes and follows by joining those loops you'll see in your DMs from time-to-time, or by using follow-for-follow tactics. Some business owners even resort to buying likes and follows. It's not to say that participating in these activities won't get you the likes and follows you're after, but are they the right ones? You need them to come from potential brides, fellow wedding industry vendors and other Bridal Stylists. These are the people who will help you grow your business. The last thing you want to do is expend so much effort in growing a following, only to realise they're not really interested in your business!


get your business in front of potential brides and industry professionals

Of course, the most effective and cheapest way to do this is via social media. This will require you to search out wedding industry vendors your brides would love, and to find Bridal Stylists you admire. Using the right hashtags to help your brides find you is also important. Having your work featured on popular bridal accounts and in bridal blog posts will help boost your profile too. Also, consider joining specialist directories. This puts you in front of brides and lets them know you're professional.


spend time networking with the wrong people

Have you ever seen a business and wanted to collaborate with them? Perhaps you've reached out and offered your services for styled shoots. Or maybe you've asked to assist a Stylist you admire so you can learn about another aspect of the business. If you've found them unresponsive, or if they're making promises they don't keep, our advice is to move on! Simply leave your details with them and maybe check back once in a while, but don't put your career on hold waiting for an opportunity that may never come.


build a good reputation with peers

Always be kind, helpful and complimentary when you're working. If you're working on location and you have time, see if the Makeup Artist needs help with her kit, hold the door for the Photographer, grab that bottle of water for the Florist! And on social media, if you're sent a DM, reply (or set up an automated response). If you're scrolling and you see something you like, double-tap! Get involved in the bridal styling community. Being lovely makes you loveable to those who matter.


stay the same

That Upstyle you're sharing may have been popular a while back but times have changed. Is it possible that your work might be a little outdated? Everyone used to go to that wedding fair, but the last time you went, it was quiet. Maybe potential brides have found another place to go? If it's not working, stop and transform. Absolutely always be you, but be you now. Move with the times because there's a place for you and what you have to offer.


educate yourself

Not only does this apply to your practical skills as a Stylist, it also applies to your skills as a business owner. You may create fabulous bridal styles, but if you lack marketing knowledge, you can't get them seen by the right people. You might have mastered your bridal bookings, but if you lack business development skills, how can you reach your full potential? If you have the time, you can do the research yourself for free. For minimal investment, you can find a membership program to support you on your learning journey. Just as with hairstyling, you can go on courses, or even hire an assistant to help you stay on top of your game as a business owner. Just make sure you do what works for you and your business.

We're rooting for you! If you'd like any advice, please email with your questions. We'd love to keep you in the loop so please sign up to our Newsletter for more bridal styling loveliness!


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