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Meet Christina Tescu: The UK Bridal Stylist who never stops learning

We love to discover what drives Bridal Stylists and how they stay on top of their game, year after year. We caught up with Christina, long-time industry professional, and a lovely Member of our community, to find out a little more about her and how she stays inspired.

Hair @christinatescuhair See Christina’s account for full credits

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Personal Qualities

Q: How would you describe your approach to your work?

A: As a hairstylist with over 18 years of experience, I think it’s fair to say that I believe in my qualities and abilities while working with different clients. I adapt easily and I have a lot of empathy and respect for every individual. The most important thing for me is to allow every individual to feel comfortable with themselves. People say that I have a very calm way to work.

Bridal Styling

Q: How did you get into Bridal Styling?

A: All my career I wanted to do everything. I didn't like the idea of a client asking me part of their special day and me to say no. Bridal Styling got me very interested from the beginning of my career and it is something that I will always love to do as it’s very bespoke and creative. You get to create some magic and be part of someone's special day. How awesome is that?


Q: How do you stay on top of your hair game?

A: Every year I train with different experts and most of my experience came from me practising what I have seen at seminars, backstage at events, competitions, exhibitions, and presentations.

Now I really enjoy education online. I think as a Hairstylist you never stop learning. And I love that. I would train every day if I could.

Training with Siren Hair Art @sirenhairart

Q: You recently trained with one of our Lead Educators, Sheree. Can you tell us about it?

A: Sheree (@sirenhairart) is a natural-born Educator. I found out about her on How to cut it Podcast (@howtocutit) which I love. I really like the way she explains things and no matter how long you've been in the industry you can still learn new tips and techniques and she is brilliant at sharing that. Also, she is so sweet and down to earth that it’s impossible not to enjoy her courses. I did the sculpted chignon and the soft high bun, and I loved the approach and the tips I learned.

On the Job

Q: What would your ideal workday be like?

A: My ideal workday runs smoothly! Everyone has a chilled vibe and an open mind along with an open heart. I usually pick up on the energy of my clients or my colleagues and it is not great to work in a place with a lot of bad vibes. I am choosing to be a freelancer because diversity keeps everything interesting. One day you could travel to a fantastic venue for a wedding, one day you could be on set assisting or having your own project, one day you could visit clients for cutting or other hair services requested. I find that amazing, especially because I can listen to my books or podcasts while I travel there!

Job Satisfaction

Q: What makes you love your job?

A: The fact that I get to transform how someone looks and how they feel must be number one. As hairdressers, we have this incredible power and it’s not only a profession, it's a craft, an art. Also, I love that, in this job, you go to bed thinking about what you can do better tomorrow. You keep growing and that is fantastic.

Thanks so much, Christina! Check her out @christinatescuhair


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