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launching your own product line - insider info from siren luxury products

Having your own collection of hair products is one of the ultimate goals for many get to create dream products that you love to use and grow your brand at the same time! We got the chance to interview Sheree Thompson, the Bridal Styling sensation behind Siren Luxury Products, to find out how she launched her very own product range.

(Sheree Thompson, creator of Siren Luxury Products)

Hi Sheree! Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into creating your own product line.

I’m Sheree Thompson, salon owner of Siren and founder of Bridal Styling Online Education. I’ve been hairdressing for 28 years and I’m extremely passionate about creating glamorous, beautiful hair. I love how a career in hair can lead you into so many different avenues, and after all my experience I feel now is the perfect time to launch my own product line - Siren Luxury Products.

(Siren Luxury Products - A collection of cleansing, conditioning and styling products with matching luxury hand wash and hand cream)

Can you give us a breakdown of what’s involved in creating your own product line? What are the first steps you need to take and how do you get your brand seen?

My inspiration is completely fuelled by creating beautiful hair, and I wanted to create my own designer product line that looks and feels good, just like the perfect pair of designer shoes!
I opted for a simple, modern ‘designer feel’ to the branding and used my logo to fit in with the new branding. I wanted to enliven all the senses with an expensive look, feel and scent to my products with an affordable price.

(Siren Luxury Products Shampoo and Conditioner - The right shampoo and conditioner is vital for keeping hair looking and feeling its best)

Can you give us a breakdown of what’s involved in creating your own product line? What are the first steps you need to take and how do you get your brand seen?

Developing your own products can be a long process. I found a UK based company that specialises in what I was looking for and starting developing and testing out products and working on a unique scent exclusive to my product line.
There are several design and development stages to approve, and I wanted to take my time to make sure I was 100% happy with every stage resulting in a product line I was happy to represent my branding and company, and something everyone would love using.
Using my social media platforms has helped me promote my product line so far and I’m currently working with my PR company to start promoting it more.

(Siren Luxury Styling and Finishing Products help to create and maintain your look)

What’s the plan for your product line? How do you see yourself expanding? Do you think you’ll branch into hair tools as well?

The plan with my Siren Luxury Products is to slowly start expanding the product line which is happening right now.
I’d ideally like a small selection of salons to take on and use and retail my brand. That would be the ultimate goal!
I would love to expand into branded tools and equipment in the future…. As a small business, I’m taking one step at a time!

(Sheree Thompson working with Siren Luxury Products Shine Spray)

Finally, any advice for Stylists wanting to have their own product line, accessories or tools? What advice would you give someone who’s passionate about growing their brand in that way?

My advice for anyone that wants to grow their own brand with products and tools would be to go for it!
Have a clear identity for what you want to specialise in.
Keep logos, advertising and promotions clear, simple and easy to understand. Have your own identity, work on your business and branding every day, you definitely reap what you sow.
Get as much help and advice as you can.

We're so proud of Sheree and all she's achieved so far! We know there's much more to come. As a wonderful Member and Lead Educator of The Wedding Hair Company, Sheree always inspires us to keep going and keep growing. Sheree, thank you for being part of our community!

Visit Sheree Thompson:

Siren Luxury Products

Bridal Styling Online Education

Siren Hair Art on Instagram


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