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Introducing... Bridal Styling Online Education by Sheree Thompson

We’re so excited to be representing Sheree Thompson, founder of Siren Hair Art. She has created Bridal Styling Online Education, bringing you masterclasses and tons of support. Check out the details below:

“Is the fear of hair-up stopping you from building an incredible Bridal business in your salon or freelance work?
Do you ever freeze when you’re with your client and don’t know where to start?
Do you ever feel flustered and pressured when styling hair-up?
Do you worry your style won’t last?
The wedding industry is about to be bigger than ever!
Experts are calling it the BRIDAL BOOM!
I understand how you feel... I’ve always been passionate about bridal hair, but I used to doubt myself and think I wasn’t good enough.
That was until I figured out THE SIREN 3 STEP SOLUTION and it gave me the ability to create the most elegant and beautiful looks on every bride!
Weddings have now become the most lucrative part of my business and it gives me so much joy to be a part of every bride’s dream day!
Join me on my very exclusive online masterclasses where I will show you just how simple
THE SIREN 3 STEP SOLUTION to hair-up is, so you and your team can ride the wave of the Bridal Boom!
In my dedicated 90-minute masterclass I'll be showing you how to create two popular and modern wedding hairstyles.
The masterclass will be live on a private Facebook group on the date you have chosen at 11 am. The video will remain in the group for one week, so you can always catch up and re-watch as many times as you need to. I'll also be there with you all week to offer further help and advice.
This class will enable you to modernise your bridal styling skills and offer your wedding party exactly what they are looking for, making you their obvious choice.
After your journey with me, I know you'll feel confident, capable and excited to style wedding hair.
Book this class and let’s start this journey together. A small investment now will guarantee a big reward. All my students will receive a certificate of completion by email.
See you there!” Sheree Thompson

To book, visit:


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