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Finding your lane: who's ideal stylist are you?

In the industry, we often talk about finding our ideal bride: Their personality and style just suits us! We're a perfect fit, a match made in heaven. But how do we attract that special someone? By being their ideal Stylist, of course! When a bride-to-be views your work, what does she see? Can she identify with the images you share and see you as her ideal Stylist? Here are some great examples of work that speaks directly to a specific personality and style...

Glam Girl

Luxury, Confidence, Glamour

Vintage Queen

Quirky, Unique, Retro

Classy Contemporary

Elegant, Graceful, Timeless

Thank you to the fabulous Stylists (all Members of The Wedding Hair Company) for these images.

Image Credits:

Image 1:

Hair bridalhairbylea

Model rebekah.doranx

Dress bellissimabrides

Photographer chan_creatives

Makeup jessmckennamua_

Image 2:

Hair cosmokupcakehairlv from headswillrollsalon

Model the.posh.pinup

Image 3:

Hair weddinghairbytara

Photographer philjones.commercial.photog


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