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Bridal hair specialist vs. hairdresser

Meet Natasha Ann! She's a Canadian Bridal Stylist and a star Member of The Wedding Hair Company. Get her take on the difference between a Bridal Hair Specialist and a Hairdresser below...

"I have been in the hair industry doing cuts, colours and blow-dries since 2009. My before photo (above left) was the first updo I did after deciding to refocus and train in bridal hair. And my after (above right) is one year of investing and educating myself on products, new trends and techniques."
"This isn't to say that a hairdresser can't do wedding hair or upstyles beautifully - I know a few who can and are totally amazing at it! But when someone says they specialise in something, it is because they have put in the time to perfect their skills."

Thank you so much Natasha Ann! Bridal Styling really is a specialist skill and craft. To see more of her work, check out natasha.astylist

(All images and quotes credited to Natasha Ann.)


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